Der destruktive Charakter lebt nicht aus dem Gefühl, daß das Leben lebenswert sei, sondern daß der Selbstmord die Mühe nicht lohnt.

"Having moral principles is against everything I believe in. I am against anybody who is FOR anything. War I don't mind: it's patriotism that I hate. I hate things to do with flags, parades, glory and honour. All I want to do is wonder around the Earth. I don't give a shit about nations or politics or anything.
- What do you believe in then?
- Nothing. Children. The innosence of children. Humanity. Die for an idea! What a load of shit. Which idea, anyway? Communism? Paradise? Ideas are things which are all alike. That is why I like children. They don't say 'go and die for this or that". They've got too much sense."

(Pauline Melville "Eating Air")

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