Der destruktive Charakter lebt nicht aus dem Gefühl, daß das Leben lebenswert sei, sondern daß der Selbstmord die Mühe nicht lohnt.

How am I supposed to sleep tonight? How am I supposed to lie under the starry sky knowing that somewhere sky is full not of stars but of bombs? In the midnight silence, I hear so clearly screams of those whose life are taken away without any reason. How am I supposed to sleep in peace and calm, if right in this moment people are wiped out, massacred, massacred?! Does it sound pathetic? Few days ago I was protesting on the mass manifestation against terrorism and aggression – how, after this, will I dare to close my eyes when the darkness covers the Earth, while hundreds of people are killed just because some men in suits and ties on the other end of the planet had decided so?

I thought I understand the politics: I don’t. Never was, never will. How can people, who are – undeservedly - given the power to decide upon other people’s lives, agree about taking those lives away, when just one word – one tiny little word from each of those men – is enough to save them? How, owning the possibility to save hundreds by one word, they refuse to use this possibility? How can one willingly wash his hands with the blood of the innocents (I wanted to write ‘to dirty’ firstly, but I could not, for their hands are much dirtier than the blood of the victims)? How can they sleep in peace and calm tonight, after filling other people’s nights with the nightmares, from which they cannot wake, because no one can wake from the reality? How will they wake up next morning, and will read their morning newsletter, and drink their coffee, knowing, that because of them some people will never be able to read newsletters or drink coffee anymore? How is that they are not considered to be terrorists after doing so? What makes the act of dropping bombs any different from classic homicide?

I do not understand the politics. But it is not the problem. The problem is that many of those, who sit in the Parliament, don’t seem to understand it either. What is more, along with it, they don’t seem to understand the basic principles of humanity.